Monday, March 14, 2011

Harsh Realities

Just thought I'd treat everyone with a lovely picture of my beautiful neighborhood. If you've ever wanted the joy of living in Venice without the hassle of learning Italian, I've got the real estate deal for you. While I'm facing the harsh realities of owning a home that is worth less then the mortgage. My Mets are facing the harsh realities of starting the season without Carlos Beltran and facing a full year without Johan Santana.

We already knew that Johan was starting the season on the shelf. However when I talked about the reality of Johan not being back this season, a wiser, well known and accomplished Mets blogger (who I will not name), told me that because Johan had started a throwing program his timetable for return was pretty much good. I know my Mets and injuries are ALWAYS worse than they appear. If the Mets are out by July, maybe Johan is better off NOT coming back in 2011 and being 100% in 2012.

Carlos Beltran has had his own setbacks. Yet I think I'll point out that there is a silver lining to the Beltran saga.

Scott Hairston - Anyone remember Scott's line from 2009? .265, 17 HRs, 64 RBI...? Sound about right? Yeah... Hairston is not only a capable fielder and a clutch hitter, but he's not exceptionally old and not long removed from having a season which looked like it would keep him as a starter in the MLB. Let us add that his splits vs. lefties see a much improved BA and a much much higher slugging percentage.

Lucas Duda - Why do I list splits? Lucas Duda has impressed this spring. He's impressed Collins, he's impressed Alderson and he's impressed OTHER scouts. People are now thinking that Lucas might be more then a powerful MLB alternate/bench player. Now they see more of a starter. Duda hitting against only righties and Hairston against MOSTLY lefties is going to only inflate their lines and make them a good platoon option. Now... I think it should always be mentioned, I'm not and have never been a Beltran fan, but I'm less concerned about Carlos not being in the lineup. That's all.

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