Monday, March 28, 2011

Phantasy Baseball

As you might know from being a friend or reading the blog, I play in a few fantasy sports leagues a year. I've run a fantasy baseball keeper league for the past three seasons and have played in various others. I'm not a Fantasy expert or anything but I have been pretty good about drafting players and making shrewd trades. Here are some fantasy notes:

Rotisserie vs. Head-To-Head: Neither is better but I definitely prefer one to the other. Rotisserie leagues tabulate your players on an on-going basis and it's always seemed too much like a Statistics class for me to enjoy it. Head-To-Head leagues give you weekly matches vs. other teams so... you can pretend your fantasy team is a real team with a real record.

To Keep or Not To Keep: I'm a big fan of keeper leagues. My own league is extreme, with 20 teams and 12 keepers, it's a bit TOO extreme, but I love it. If you are going to play with the same group of people year after year, give keepers a shot. It lets the fantasy element run through the off-season and that is half the fun.

Auction Leagues: I sorta love the idea of an auction league. It makes drafts so much more fun and it adds another element, should you be running a keeper league. I was in a draft last night and spent $4 on Adam Wainwright. I did this because it IS a keeper league and Wainwright's value is sure to sky-rocket above $4 in 2012. I also spent $9 on Logan Morrison... nobody's perfect.

No matter what type of league you try, be sure not to get too wrapped up in things and too upset when things go wrong. I know I've done that and it's just not worth it.

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I'll be on vacation next week so get it while it's hot.

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