Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tight Times of 2012

Let us imagine that the Wilpon's financial constraints forced the Mets to not sign a single free agent in 2012. They can re-sign players through arbitration, but with 40 Million coming off the books, the Mets can re-invest only 10. What would the Mets look like?

2012 Lineup:
1. Angel Pagan - CF (S)
2. Josh Thole - C (L)
3. David Wright - 3B (R)
4. Ike Davis - 1B (L)
5. Jason Bay - LF (R)
6. Fernando Martinez - RF (L)
7. Ruben Tejada - SS (R)
8. Reese Havens - 2B (L)

2012 Rotation:
1. Johan Santana, SP (L)
2. Mike Pelfrey, SP (R)
3. Jonathan Niese, SP (L)
4. R.A. Dickey, SP (R)
5. Jenrry Mejia, SP (R)

2012 Bullpen:
1. CL: Bobby Parnell, RP (R)
2. SU: Manny Alvarez, RP (R)
3. MR: D.J. Carrasco, RP (R)
4. MR: Pat Misch, RP (L)
5. LOOGY: Mark Cohoon, RP (L)
6. LR: Dillon Gee, RP (R)

1. Mike Nickeas, C (R)
2. Daniel Murphy, Util (L)
3. Matt Den Dekker, OF (L)
4. Jordany Valdespin, IF (L)
5. Nick Evans, 1B/LF (R)

Lineup: You might notice that Reyes is gone... Beltran is gone and that Reese Havens has been promoted to starting 2B. I guess I'm showing a little optimism that Havens and Martinez could be healthy, but if they are... I would think that lineup could still be capable of winning some games. Thole is built in the #2 hitter mold, Martinez can protect Bay and the others and Havens and Tejada would not be an awful bottom of the order.

Rotation: This has an 80% chance of ACTUALLY BEING the rotation. The fact is... that Roy Oswalt is the biggest FA starter that will be available. Now.. the Mets might move on from Pelfrey or Harvey could be ready quickly, but a rotation starting with Santana and ending with Mejia is probably a step and a half up from the rotation now.

Bullpen: This is where the Mets show their needs. I suppose the Mets could stay pretty meager and bring back a Byrdak or an Isringhausen etc... The Mets don't have a lot of MLB level pitching near the majors and that includes the relievers.

Bench: First, where is Duda? Second, why are Valdespin and Den Dekker on the team? Duda is a lefty and the Mets cannot afford to have Murphy and Duda on the bench. Murphy simply plays more positions. Valdespin is the guy who can play the middle infield positions and doesn't have a high ceiling that would be ruined by a year on the bench. Den Dekker is a pure CF, where Nieuwenhuis is not. Add to this that Captain Kirk could be more of a starting MLB player given the opportunity and Den Dekker winds up on the bench.

Hopefully the Mets are purchased by a wealthy person who wants to let Alderson and company have free rights to build the Mets as they need to make them win. Here's hoping...

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