Monday, May 2, 2011

Big News

Clearly we were all a little distracted from baseball. I mean a girl just married the grandson of a monarch and he has obvious degrees of male pattern baldness. Clearly we couldn't focus on baseball with concerns about Kate's dress and the choice of wedding venue hung in the air. There may have also been some sort of news about someone being killed in Pakistan.

Frankly... this is a baseball blog. Not only that, but a silly baseball blog. I'm not going to cheapen major military actions by making snarky jokes. I leave that to the experts on Fox News.

The Mets lost a series to the Phillies but have showed some improvement as a team. I think there are a few key things to note:

  1. Francisco Rodriguez deserves to be closing. Do I want the Mets to be saddled with his 17.5 Million dollar contract in 2012? No! Particularly not when we might be cutting payroll down to 120 Million or below. However, the Mets cannot say he hasn't pitched well enough to hold the job. Hopefully he pitches well enough to be traded.
  2. Ronny Paulino is back. ESPN doesn't have a mug-shot because of his difficulty in starting the season but I forgive them. He and Thole make up what I would call a GOOD catching tandem. They are a pure platoon and having a contact lefty backing him up will help Ronny as much as having a power righty helps Josh.
  3. Mike Pelfrey seems lost. Sorta like a puppy but more like a REALLY bad pitcher. Pelfrey has frankly looked bad since he first showed up to spring training so it isn't a huge surprise. The question is, can he recover? Can he reclaim some of his past success? I seriously hope he has something physically wrong, because then maybe he can spend a few weeks in Florida and return with some semblance of talent. Right now I'm ready to make him the swing man and give Dillon Gee his job.
  4. The Bench OF looks bad. Willie Harris and Scott Hairston are about as reliable as a 1970 AMC Gremlin. They can't pinch hit and when they start they do little better. Jason Pridie has been the best bench guy and I might be wrong... but I'm pretty sure he's still Jason Pridie. Lucas Duda is starting to hit again in AAA and I want to see him replace Harris in the near future. At least Duda can strike out for power.
  5. Is Chris Young Sandy Alderson's best acquisition? Pedro Beato also ranks up there, but Young has sorta saved a rotation that has looked like one of the weakest in the majors. Thank heavens for Dickey and Young's ability to at least keep the Mets IN games. Young's health is still a concern but I'm more concerned about Pelfrey BEING healthy for his next start.
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