Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Take Me Out To The Game (Your Treat)

The Mets are not the hottest Ticket in town. They shouldn't be. I mean, Book of Mormon is supposed to be really good. If you want tickets under $100 to see it, you need to wait until November or go to a Tuesday show. You want to go to a Met game? You will likely spend more at a New York deli at lunch to get tickets.

Friday, May 6th (vs. Los Angeles Dodgers)

The Dodgers are a former New York team so there is some history there. Plus Donny Baseball is the Manager and they are pretty good team in general. Watching the Kemp/Ethier connection might be worth the price of admission. How much IS the price of admission?

Tickets Range Between: $6.95 and $115
  • Best $10 > : 2nd Row of the Left Field Promenade Reserved ($8.50)
  • Best $25 > : 3rd Row of the Left Field Reserved ($24.00)
  • Best $50 > : 1st Row of the Pepsi Porch ($44.00)
  • Best $100 > : 6th Row of the Champion's Club ($97.00)
  • Best Ticket: 1st Row of Left Field Field Box ($111.00)
Sounds like going to a game is pretty cheap... right?

Sorry... not so much.

Want to drive to the game? Parking will cost you upwards of $19.00. You want to eat? Prepare to spend at least $20 per person and more if you are going to be drinking or eating one of the more gourmet options. How about a souvenir for your kid? $30 for a hat? Yes, $30 for a hat and more for everything else. The fact is, tickets could be free and going to a game would still be a little to pricey for some. For my money, it might be better to watch the game at Pub 101 and get $.25 Sunset Grill Wings.

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