Thursday, May 5, 2011

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

All the amateur GMs in the world have gotten into trade fever with relation to Jose Reyes. Jose is having a good year and the Mets, in case you've been asleep... have not. Jose is in the final year of his contract in his prime baseball years and will demand something in the neighborhood of Carl Crawford money. Heck, with the SS position so thin he should probably get more. I listed the players before but with San Francisco in town there is one favorite who has clearly jumped out.

San Francisco has the best situation for looking at and acquiring Jose Reyes. They have a team that is expected to compete, they have an issue at short, they are hungry for offense and they could sure use some hitting. The question is, will they give enough? Sure, people will name what they think that Jose is worth but that is all meaningless to Met fans.

Jose is worth a lot to Met fans. He grew up here. He came up from the minors, delivered on his outstanding potential and became the spark of the franchise. The Mets do not come so close to the World Series without him. The Mets do not look nearly as good in general without him. Alderson might want to simply get the most bang for his buck, but Met fans will want more than that. We don't want to lose Reyes without getting something as meaningful back.

Miguel Tejada is the reason the Giants are so enthusiastic about trading for Reyes. Once upon a time I was telling my buddy Ross that Tejada was miles better than Jeter. (I've basically done this with every good short-stop to come along since) After a few years in Baltimore and Houston it looked like his days at short were at a close. Then the Giants give him a deal and slot him to be their everyday SS. It's 50% wishful thinking and 50% it's so crazy it just might work. Sadly, it hasn't. Does Miguel's defensive and offensive regression force the Giants to cave to the demands of Alderson and the rabid Met fans?

Before we get into things... I need to explain something to some people... KEITH. Keith Hernandez mentioned that you couldn't trade Reyes unless you get a Matt Cain or Matt Kemp in return. Sure... that makes total sense. Let me trade a young, talented major leaguer who is cheap and under team control for a talented star who's contract is expiring and will demand a fortune to stay. While it is conceivable that the Giants might think they have enough pitching without Cain, I can't see the Mets getting a young MLB stud for Reyes.

Once again, I'll dive into the rosters of Fresno and Richmond and see what I can find.

Fresno Grizzlies: AAA

Brandon Belt, 1B/OF - Trading Belt would anger as many Giant fans as trading Reyes would anger Met fans. This is GOOD. It should hurt Giant fans to acquire Reyes. Why would we want to accept a deal in which we didn't think we were getting someone they'd miss. Belt had a taste of the majors to start the year but was demoted after a slow start. Since his demotion he's put out a AAA OPS of 1.342 and an SLG of .765 which are both slightly inflated by the PCL. He's been moved to the OF so those who love Ike don't need to fret though he'd likely look ghastly in right field in Citi Field. Regardless I demand him first and foremost in a deal for Reyes.

Richmond Flying Squirrels: AA

Eric Surkamp, LHSP - Ranking 9th in the Giant's top 10, Surkamp is likely someone they WOULD be willing to part with. Surkamp is a lefty who gets a lot of strikeouts without throwing that hard. He looks to me like a safe pick for a middle of the rotation pitcher and after demanding Belt I don't think I can also demand an Ace. Well... I could... but I won't. Surkamp currently has 41 K's in 26.1 innings in AA and a very healthy 2.05 ERA. He doesn't give up too many walks or hits and looks like he could be a major leaguer later this season.

Charlie Culberson, 2B - Culberson is just so damn handsome... sorta like a Matthew McCaunoughey without the gross hygiene problems. Seriously, he's a pretty good ball player. He projects as a good hitting second baseman with some good power and some speed. I think that he might be a little less of a hitter than Havens but he's a darn bit healthier. Also, for those who love Murphy, he's more defensively sound etc... The big flaw in his game is the K's but that's true for most young players.

I probably also ask for Brandon Crawford, who hasn't played in 2011 yet (maybe he's hurt?) but he played in AA last year and projects as an okay hitter/fielder at SS.

So... I'm asking for a four player haul for Jose Reyes (though I'd gladly include Beltran or Rodriguez in the offer [They would both fit into the Giant team and help them go back-to-back]) if it would get the deal done. Would getting these four players make up for the loss of Reyes? Not at first. No matter what. I'd miss him too much.

Plus without Reyes in Citi Field the best reason to go to the game would be Peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

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Phlavio said...

Problems I'm aware of:

1. Giants don't want to trade Brandon Belt. (Mets don't want to trade Reyes... move on)

2. Ike Davis is on first. (Aubrey Huff is on first for the Giants and Belt is playing the OF. It's still not a great fit as we've seen what shaky outfielding can do... Daniel Murphy)

3. Mets are only getting 1 pitcher in the deal. (Zach Wheeler is their top pitching prospect and he hasn't pitched in AA or AAA this year. The Mets have good pitching at the A+ level so getting a pitcher who is close is better)

4. You think Culberson is cute? Are you gay? (I don't really I'm just trying to be witty and stuff. I'm not gay either but if I were... that really wouldn't matter... to anyone but my wife. She'd probably care)

5. The Giants don't want Beltran. (Really? You don't think adding Beltran to the middle of the lineup and Reyes to the front would make the Giants into a GOOD hitting team?)

6. You're ugly and you smell bad. (I know... I'm trying to address my own faults)