Monday, April 25, 2011

The Bay After Tomorrow

The Met's were inches from the critical desalinization point. Gatorade, Saltines and Dennis Quade couldn't save them. Yet someone showed up to get the beleaguered team into the metaphoric safety of the New York Library.

Bay and Knight

The Mets didn't realize until too late that the Wilpons had hung them out to dry and were letting them "die" on this mission (season). Thankfully the Mets ran into a charming and sexy Jason Bay. Now they are learning to trust each other as they both fight to stay alive.

28 Bays Later

Four weeks after the cataclysmic start to the 2011 season Jason Bay wakes up to find his world shattered. Now he must band together with a handful of survivors, Beltran, Wright, Reyes, Davis and Murphy to try to find sanctuary (the playoffs).

The Bay the Earth Stood Still

Jason Bay arrives in the Met clubhouse and tells the team they must learn how to win baseball games... or be destroyed.

Bay..... O
Me say, Bay-ay-ay... O......
Bay's bat come and the Mets finally win...
Bay, me say Bay, me say Bay, me say...
Bay's bat come and the Mets finally......
Hit all day and they scorin' runs!

You get the point. Actually, I'm not buying into the whole idea of Jason Bay being the savior of the team. Sure, he's adorable and the Mets are winning, but he's really not doing much beyond allowing Collins to bat Davis 6th. Are the Mets better with Bay in the lineup? Yes! Can he walk on water and then turn it to wine? Yes! He's Canadian... they ALL can. Are the Mets winning BECAUSE he's back? I'm not so sure. Though... I can't argue that they ARE winning.

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