Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Far Too Early For

Is it that time already? Time to get ready for 2012? Pack it in? Give up? Push off? Surrender? Is this World War II and did the Phillies realize the Mets only bothered to put up a wall around 2 thirds of their vulnerable border? NO! This is baseball and the first 9 games of the 162 mean about as much as Joe Maddon signaling to eject the umpires from the game. In a sport like... I don't know... football, where there are only 16 games... THEN maybe the first 9 are something worth judging the season on. Except that even in football you could play over 1 quarter of the season and it could mean nothing.

In 2009 the Giants were 5 & 0 after over a quarter of their regular season games had been played. Anyone remember how that year played out? Anyone remember how they finished? People... come back to me when they are all but mathematically out and then tell me the season is over. Of course... then I'll just tell you that the team needs to hire Jacques Lemaire.

Met fans are trained to be nervous and doubtful. Heck... every time we show the least amount of hope for a big year something goes horrendously wrong.

  • The pitching has been bad (Not all of it, but you get the point)
  • The hitting has been inconsistent (Not a surprise BTW)
  • David Wright is K-ing like his bonus is based on it
  • The Phillies are winning and leading the pack
  • But...
It's only April... and the Phillies still have an awful bullpen.

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