Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm One Sick Puppy

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Know who said that? Albert Einstein. Think he was talking about the Mets and their fans? Probably not, he died in 1955. The definition makes a lot of sense for the Mets, because what could be more batty than expecting new things out of the same players? Ever hear: You can't teach an old dog new tricks? How about: You can't teach players who have played for 20+ years and reached the professional level to have sound fundamentals?

So, what? Am I saying that all Met fans are insane? You decide.

Mike Pelfrey will round into a front of the rotation pitcher

Mike Pelfrey is not an Ace. No, he's not. Mike Pelfrey is a major league middle of the rotation guy. I think that most people in baseball and even the Mets would agree. It's simply that the Mets had no "Ace" and anointed Pelfrey the best man left.

The issue with this is that Pelfrey is nearing his pay day. That is fine, but I worry about the label that the Mets have placed on their valuing of Pelfrey. He's not an Ace on 80% of teams... but on the Mets... Insanity: Mike Pelfrey deserves Ollie Perez money.

Bobby Parnell is the closer of the future

BP was responsible for an awful disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Well... actually... massive corporate corruption was responsible. Anyway, Bobby Parnell did not rupture and spill gallons of tar into the ocean, but he also didn't clamp down the role as setup man that he was expected to.

Take a look at this list: Duaner Sanchez, Heath Bell, Aaron Heilman and ... oh yeah... Jason Isringhausen. All of these guys convinced my insane Met Id (Read Freud Kids) that they were top relievers and capable of maybe someday closing. Sanchez had an accident, Bell was traded, Heilman imploded and Isringhausen was traded years before I really cared.

What does this tell us? The Mets cannot grow their own closers. They are perfectly capable of raising relievers and trading them before their greatest success, but they can't raise their own. Insanity: Bobby Parnell is more than a hard thrower.

Daniel Murphy's bat demands MLB playing time

Murph played half a glorious season as a surprising call-up who could play okay left field and get clutch hits. I loved Murph and got high on all the fumes of his hustle and go gettem attitude.

Murphy then displayed that he... could NOT play the outfield. Okay... that's alright, he could manage 1st base... except he doesn't have a ton of power and Met fans ranted and raved about how meek he made our lineup. Insanity: Murphy is more than an MLB bench player.

Jonathan Niese is an Ace in the making

My name is Phlavio Phega, and I thought that Niese was an Ace in the making...

Hi, Phlavio!

Anywho... Jonathan Niese is NOT a bad pitcher. I'd go as far as to say he could be a GOOD pitcher. What I regret saying is that he was a TOP pitcher. Sorry. My bad. Insanity: Projecting vast improvements in a starters second season.

See... I thought ALL of those things at one point or another. I don't think all of them now, though. Well...

  • I do think that Bobby Parnell could still be a good setup guy...
  • and Murphy's bat should be pretty sweet at second...
  • and Niese showed signs last night (when Tulowitzki wasn't up)...
  • Maybe...

Face it, I'm sick. I'm a Met fan, it's part of the package deal.

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